Netcracker Hub

Website, Responsive Design, UX, Interaction

The Netcracker Intranet was in need of a refresh, and that is where the marketing director and I came in. The Hub originally had a design that mimicked the external website design, but the visits to the site told us the story that people weren’t coming, most likely due to not being able to find what they needed easily.

We decided that content and internal communication was key for a successful relaunch. Whether it was a new analyst report, message from the CEO, or someone looking for a quick link, we needed to get the readability right. We moved forward into wireframes for the homepage with feedback from stakeholder meetings as well as a research into both intranet design and larger navigations.

Our goal was to put together a new site that employees could use as a ‘hub’.  In the end we were able to design a homepage and templates that helped create a more cohesive and easier to navigate experience. Our focus was on dynamic content that could be broadcast internally, showcasing news and information, and an easier to use, up-front navigation.