Mobile, App, Interaction, UX, UI

LiveToWin was a sweepstakes mobile app, designed and developed to give users ways to earn entries for a daily prize. While working on the design team for LiveToWin, I worked on many different design aspects. One of which on the marketing side, included in-app visuals and messaging around entry promotions.

One of the more important features I worked on was the UX/UI of an off-app wall that allowed users to download other mobile apps for entries. Here the challenge was making the experience feel like you hadn’t gone completely away from the app. Here I mapped out the experience between app and mobile browser, along with building a leveling feature around user interactions within brand. Overall, I was able to create an engaging feature for the LivetoWin experience that helped users earn more entries to win.

Other user experiences I had my hand in within the app included an in-app purchase page. Here users could buy more coins, allowing them to use the apps spin wheel in hopes of earning more entries, or winning other prizes.