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While at Online Convergence, I was part of the team who designed and developed SpinToWin, a mobile slots app. Users would play slots, unlock new themes and try to make the leaderboards, all while going after a daily $500 cash prize.

While designing different areas of SpinToWin, it was our job within the design team to really research and discover what many other slots apps were doing, and improve on those experiences. In designing sections of the app like promotions, and IAP areas, it was my job to create an experience through research and UX/UI design that enticed users to play.

Whether it was a talking cow, or an invitation to “Happy Hour,” there was always the initiative to keep the visuals fun and engaging. We took the approach as a team to always give the user enjoyment both visually an functionally while using SpinToWin.

While launching, the app was in need of slots themes to entice user interaction. While many different themes were put together, two I worked on were “Barnville” and “Arcade.” In an effort to keep the icons stylistically the same across themes, we sourced them through stock websites and reworked their style to match SpinToWin. The Arcade theme icons were designed in-house to add another fun and engaging style to the app.