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RealBucksTV, like RealBucksGo, was a rewards platform where you earned points to buy gift cards and magazines. For RealBucksTV, the draw was watching videos to earn those points.

Initially designed by an outside agency, RBTV came in house for the final stages of design and production before being handed off to the developers. I was in charge of over-seeing all specifications and asset production to make the app build as smooth as possible.

While the basic structure was in place for the app, there were still many places that needed UI and layout work. I worked on creating new screens for the Refer-a-Friend program that made it easy for the user to share with friends, as well as new screens for the profile and tutorial areas. All were put together with the established look and feel of RBTV while keeping the functionality the same as RealBucksGo to create a seamless experience.

Part of the improvements made to RBTV included a Win Wheel, where the user was given a spin to win either more RealBucks or an Amazon gift card. This was part of emphasizing the “chance to win” aspect of PCH. It was my job to create a new wheel that was easy to use and gave the user another winning moment within the app.