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RealBucksGo was Publishers Clearing House’s leap into rewarded activities in the app space. It was built as a platform for users to earn “RealBucks” by performing different, fun activities, all to earn points to buy gift cards. As lead designer on RealBucksGo, I was looked for to help give UI, UX and visual design guidance to the business and development teams.

In the version you see here, I redesigned a number of areas of the app, while keeping intact the structure that was originally in the app. I worked off the original look and feel, which still contained the lighter colors, and flat design, while adding in more modern design patterns and updated layouts.

Being part of the product team meant adding new features as well. We worked on building retention in RealBucksGo with features like a daily bonus and the ability to set goals. With the daily bonus, there was a challenge in showing the user 2 bonuses—one for being a guest and one for being elite.

My approach was to give the user a look at both bonuses, and the chance to become an elite member to earn the larger bonus. It was important with the amount of information, to keep the content easily readable by setting up a clear hierarchy of elements. From what today’s bonus, to what the user will get in future days, and a clear path to continue with the app.

RealBucksGo gave me the opportunity to really get into some modern layouts and create consistency across elements and pages within the app. All while keeping with a fun and engaging look and feel to keep the users coming back.