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LiveToWin is a sweepstakes mobile app that was designed and developed to give users fun, interactive ways to earn entries for a daily prize.

Being part of the LiveToWin design team, it was my job to use UX, UI and visual design skills to give users the best experience possible. One of the many challenges while designing partner-specific screens was to give both the partner and number of entries enough prominence to attract the user to convert.

Some of the other work while on the LiveToWin team ranged from designing an in-app purchase page to creating new scratch cards. With the in-app purchase page, the goal was to give the user a clear and easy path to purchasing more coins while following familiar mobile design patterns. With scratch cards, the goal was to give the user a fun and exciting way to earn entries or cash within fun and creative themes.

One of the larger projects for the app was creating an experience for an offer wall where users could discover new apps for even bigger entries. This wall also contained a leveling up system that would net the users larger bonuses. While primarily one screen, I worked on it from wireframes to full design where it became known as LiveToWin VIP. These pages were built to show the user how quickly they could earn more entries by discover new app.