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Canton Fitness

When I reached out to the guys at Canton Fitness, they were looking for a new website to help drive interest and signups to their personal training business. I came on board with the intention of giving them a modern, responsive website that would fit the their needs.

With a logo already on hand, I turned to creating style tiles for them to look through and see what would fit with their brand. We worked through a handful of different colors, patterns, fonts and textures to come up with the style we would bring to the site. While working on the style tiles, I also started wireframing the website in html/css, starting mobile first. This allowed us to tackle the content in a more efficient way to display on both mobile and desktop.

After finalizing the design, the build continued into Wordpress. I built a small custom theme that would allow Canton Fitness to update on their own, as well as take on new clients when contacted. The site overall allowed them to reach a broader audience beyond the word of mouth recommendations they rely on.